FAQ – Upgrades

1. Does My House Need to be Rewired?
Generally, we recommend a whole house safety check before making that decision. The most important factors are age of wire, condition of wiring, and the safety of the home. Homes with cloth wiring or without a grounding system are examples of homes that we recommend for rewiring.

2. How Do I Know If I Have Cloth Wiring?
Generally, homes built before the 1960’s contain cloth wiring. Cloth wiring deteriorates over time exposing the live wires inside the cloth coating to your home. A whole house safety check will reveal the type and condition of your wiring system. You can also see your wiring by looking in the crawlspace or attic. Look for your electrical wires running through the studs and rafters.

3. Do I have to Remove My Sheetrock to Rewire My House?
No, we can rewire your entire home and leave the Sheetrock virtually untouched. Generally, only a few 4″ x 4″ holes will need to be cut when an entire home is rewired. We are experts at fishing wires through walls and have rewired many homes with no Sheetrock damage at all. If you are interested in rewiring your home, call us and we will show you hundreds of positive reviews and you can talk to folks that have had their entire home rewired.

4. Will I Need to Move Out During The Work?
No, we will work around you and your schedule. We will keep the power to your home on and your air conditioning working. It is a little uncomfortable having electricians working in your home but the future increase in comfort and safety is well worth it.

5. How Long Does it Take to Completely Rewire a House?
Usually, we can rewire an entire house in about a week. This includes the necessary inspections and work. Larger homes can take two weeks or more.

6. What are The Benefits of a Completely Rewired House?
The first major benefit is safety. A complete rewire removes any doubt that there is any electrical problem with your home. Plus, it includes looped smoke detectors, a new panel, GFCI outlets, grounded outlets, and plastic coated wire that will last a lifetime. Did you know that home insurance companies give better rates to homeowners with new wiring systems? They know the danger of old wiring better than anyone.

The second major benefit is comfort. We install additional outlets in every room including bathrooms, new outdoor outlets, switches, bathroom exhaust fans, ceiling fan boxes in all the bedrooms, closet lights, a new electrical panel that is completely labeled, and dedicated circuits to all your major appliances and outlets. Basically, your old home gets all the conveniences of a new home. Plus, this is a great time to get recessed lighting and dimmers at a really great rate. Whole house rewires come with a lifetime warranty which means you don’t ever have to worry about your electrical system again.

The third major benefit is resale value. A completely rewired home adds thousands of dollars in actual value to your home and makes potential buyers more interested in your home than others. Every home buyer gets an inspection report full of pictures and opinions before buying a home. An old and unsafe electrical system is a big red flag for potential buyers. A home with a completely new electrical system signed off on by your county inspector is really attractive to buyers.

7. I have Two Prong Outlets; Can I just Replace the Outlets?
No, just replacing the outlets will not help. The third prong is the most important – the ground. Without a ground wire to attach to, the new outlets are illegal. The only way to improve your outlet is to run new wiring to each outlet. This provides a ground wire to connect to your new outlet.